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Since so many mothers of multiples are placed on bedrest during their pregnancy and can't get out to shop, I've designed this section of the FAQ to help expectant parents with their research. This section is not intended to be all inclusive; nor do I claim to endorse any of the following sites. This page is entirely for informational purposes.

Many stroller manufacturers maintain their own websites with pictures of their strollers. They may also have resources to help you find a someone who sells their products. There are also numerous companies on the web who sell strollers online.

Due to a shortage of volunteer hours, this list has been stripped down. No new additions can be added at this time. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Manufacturers' Links


Baby Jogger Company

Baby Trend Corp.





The Double Decker/Triple Decker Strollers
NOTE: This stroller is a frame that allows you to snap 2 or 3 EVENFLO® ON MY WAY® or ON MY WAY® infant car seats.



Double, triple and quad.




Kool Stop


Peg Perego
Double and triple.


Companies and Catalogs Online

Due to a shortage of volunteer hours, I am unable to keep this section up to date as well as add new companies and catalogs. Therefore, I have removed the section in its entirety. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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