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Consumer Products and Safety Comission Recall on 450 bike passenger trailers manufactured by Norco Products USA, of Tukwila, Wash. Click here to read more.

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Advent Bike Trailer


  • Very well built
  • Bike attachment prevents trailer from spilling
  • None reported


Bike attachment is not permanent.

Baby Jogger Double Jogging Stroller


  • Holds a total of 100 lbs. in any distribution
  • Rolls easily
  • Has a brake
  • Has wrist strap
  • Great for walks
  • Lightweight
  • 2 modest sized pockets
  • Rain/sun awning
  • Fits through wheelchair accessible doorways
  • Bigger wheels mean smoother ride
  • Difficult to control with children of significantly different weights
  • Canopy doesn't really block out the sun well


"Last winter we skated on the lake pushing it - that is wonderful for putting the boys to sleep. It is good for running as well, and we have had it in the mountains on trails. It is the only stroller the boys still like to ride in."

"I did purchase a baby jogger. We love it. Though the Baby Jogger Company told me that it works for kiddes 8 weeks and up, mine really couldn't use it until 4 months. They both kept sliding down and the straps could not be tightened enough. That said, they do fit in them and it is much easier walking with them in the jogger than in the stroller. Also, in the jogger, they really need to have head control as well as they sit up more than they are reclined."

Baby Jogger Triple Jogging Stroller


  • Holds a total of 100 lbs. in any distribution
  • Large wheels (20" rear; two 16" front)
  • Very maneuverable
  • Covers any terrain
  • Seating comes off to be laundered
  • Seating can also be hosed down and left to dry in the sun
  • Comes apart easily
  • Close fit on sidewalks
  • Easy to fold and put in car
  • Very light for what it carries
  • large; needs storage space
  • Not worth the effort to disassembe and set up often
  • do not have reclining seats


"i made sure we got the awnings to keep them shaded and i think that you can get cup holders, etc - and i would definitely get them. also, there is a wind and rain shield (for the serious joggers) and there is a net to keep bugs away - those are all good things to get."

Baby Trend Jogging stroller


  • Large wheels; good for all terrain
  • Basket underneath
  • Basket underneath is divided into 2 and neither one holds much
  • Wider than a wheelchair and so accessibility can be limited

Burley "D'Lite" Bike Trailer


  • Nicely built (High quality)
  • The hitch allows the bike to lie down on either side without tipping the trailer
  • Has roll bars even though the hitch prevents the trailer from turning over if the bike does
  • Folds up for storage
  • Attaches to bike in just a few minutes
  • The trailer is barely noticeable when riding except going up hills, even pretty well loaded
  • Kit to convert to stroller is available.
  • Most major bike shops carry the Burley you can also order direct (price was the same).
  • Easy to maneuver
  • None reported


It is almost impossible to find a used Burley, our bike shop had a waiting list for those interested but we needed one before our time came up, resale prices are pretty high because of the demand.

If you belong to a bike club you might be able to find some one who is ready to outgrow their Burley and put dibs on it.

We have... used it since [our singleton] was 18 months old ( the age at which our ped said necks were strong enough to hold up a helmet). [Our singleton] will move to a big bike this year and the twins get the trailer.

We have a burley that the twins spent most of the good weather in for two years. I loved it ( I could take the twins out, get the groceries or do erands, go to the park, get my exercise and give [my wife] a break, all at the same time)

Now, at 41/2, the twins are too big for it together, although they will still tolerate it solo

If I had it to do over, I would still spend the $$ for the burley trailer - but I have not tried either a "cheap" model or any of the other higher end trailers

"Duo Sport"


  • None Reported
  • Uncomfortable:
    • "it is made of hard material (plastic/resin) and has no padding"
    • "the way that the seats are formed (angling forward at the top of the seat) cause [the] little one's heads to be pushed forward at the neck"


"But in all of my recent research I came to realize that the DuoSport appears to be marketed under two brand names. One is InStep and one is Huffy."

Equinox "Tour Lite" Bike Trailer

Equinox makes a standard and a deluxe version. The main difference is that the deluxe folds where the standard disassembles.


  • Has a full frame that surronds the kids
  • Frame wraps around the outside of the wheels and includes a tube inside the wheels so each is attached on both sides
  • The belts can be set up for either two side by side or one in the middle.
  • Tows a lot easier than you would suspect
  • The standard disassembles to fairly flat with only one wrench.
  • The capacity on ours is 150 lbs. For twins that is a definite plus.
  • The trailer attaches with a simple pin and has an additional nylon safety strap.
  • Attaches to the bottom frame rail so that the bike can be laid over without affecting the trailer.
  • Includes a full cover and the kids stay reasonably warm in there. We also have a screen cover that keeps the bugs off but lets more air in.
  • Has a cargo space behind the seat so the kids can't get to it. There is plenty of room to take some supplies, lunch etc.
  • Tons of options for it, including stroller conversion kit and ski package.
  • Quickly converts to stroller.
  • None reported.


We have the standard version and the first time I ever disassembled it was in failing light with a rain storm coming in. I didn't have much problem.

Hitch is permanently mounted to the bicycle. Extras are available and my wife and I each have one on our bike.

One we particularly liked was what they designed for slightly older kids. They have an attachment for the back of the trailer that lets you tow a kids bike behind the trailer. This lets you take the young rider but when they tire put them in the trailer and tow their bike.

We actually sized ourself out of ours. Our daughter isn't quite old enough to ride on her own and it won't hold three.

Gerry "Double Roller Baby" Jogging Stroller


  • Very easy to push
  • Handles beach well
  • Canopy
  • Storage pockets in back
  • Smooth ride on paved roads
  • Difficult to fold


One person, who owns a Geo Prism, had to buy a bike rack because this stroller didn't fold enough to fit in the car trunk.

"I researched and checked them out for quite some time, unless you can afford the twinner from the baby jogger co (around $700 or so with all the extras you will need) check out the twin jogger by gerry."

"I am not sure if these strollers can still be purchased from gerry (TRI Industries)"

Huffy "Aerocruiser" Jogging Stroller


  • Transitions easily to bike trailer
  • Handles rough terrain nicely
  • Good for smaller toddlers
  • Doesn’t fold
  • Minimal padding

Huffy "Ride and Run" Bike Trailer


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Doubles as a jogging stroller
  • Has a roll bar
  • Attachment to the bike is very easy to use
  • Bike attachment prevents the trailer from rolling over if the bike takes a spill
  • None reported


We use it frequently with my dh pulling the trailer and I on my rollerblades we cruise The Strand (Torrance,CA to Santa Monica). When I get tired (or lazy) I can hold on to the handlebar and dh can pull us all.

All in all, we like the huffy trailer. For the price i think it was a good deal for the amount of use we get out of it!

InStep II


  • Easy to move around
  • Holds up to 50 pounds per side
  • 5 point harness
  • Roomy pockets underneath
  • Reclines fully
  • Folds up flat for travel
  • Sun/rain canopy
  • Some trouble fitting through doorways
  • Doesn't turn well
  • Wheels don't come off easily for disassembly
  • but doesn't fully sit up easily (Uses an adjustable strap that you loosen or cinch to lower/raise the back seat)

Kool Stride "Lil Deuce" Jogging Stroller


  • Good storage basket underneath
  • Folds up easily
  • Stretch pockets behind each seat
  • Both seats recline independently
  • Full harness system
  • Sun canopy folds back
  • Sun canopy has viewing window
  • Will go over most terrain
  • May be difficult to get indoors
  • Inconvenient to use in stores with narrow aisles

Pacific Cycle "Ranger" Bike Trailer


  • Comfortable interior
  • Roomy interior
  • Storage space behind the seat
  • Easily converts to stroller
  • None Reported


"The handle for the stroller set-up remains attached and folds up or down with locking clips to keep it in place. The same is true of the arm for the trailer hitch. So other than attaching and unattaching a third wheel, converting from one setup to the other is a snap."

Right Start "Right Runner Two" Jogging Stroller


  • Rolls Great
  • Handles variety of terrain well
  • Reasonably comfortable
  • Doesn’t handle sharp corners well
  • Construction is "ok"; (see comment)
  • Restraint straps are complicated, especially with a squirming child


"The quality of construction on this one is OK, but not excellent: one of the locking clips has lost a bolt, so it now falls off. The foam rubber padding on the metal bars isn't attached very well. . . . Plus, we had to bring it back because the tires wore out after a couple of months (but Right Start cheerfully replaced it.) And we don't even jog with it!"

Alternative Options

Stroller Clips

Since the original writing of this section, the editor has since learned that there are two kinds of clips sold to connect two single umbrella strollers together.  One apparantly has two connecting pieces, while the other has 3.  Unfortunately, I cannot distinguish on each comment which type of clips were used.  If  that information is available for a specific comment, the clip type will be referenced.



  • Requires less storage space
  • Convenience; option of having two single strollers or one double stroller
  • Fits through wheelchair accessible areas (Questionable!)
  • Cheaper (especially if you already own 1 or 2 single umbrella strollers
  • Great for travel with older twins
  • Not good on rough terrain:
  • Wheels may go in different directions
  • poor shock absorption
  • Difficult to get through aisle
  • Sometimes difficult to figure out which of the four handles to push on.
  • (3 clips) Difficult to take apart in a hurry (might lose pieces)
  • (3 clips) Inconvenient to attach
  • (2 clips)Sometimes to difficult to get through doors; had to unattach, go through door and then reattach."
  • (2 clips with velcro)if you plan to leave them in a hot vehicle, the glue on the velcro tended to melt a bit


"Nice to have in a pinch, but not for general strolling."

"A few times since I’ve been on this list, I have seen people ask for information on how to purchase the clips. I have seen a few responses saying that strolling a clipped together stroller was cumbersome and not worth it because the front wheels go different directions."

"Handling the two umbrella strollers hooked together is not as hard as I expected, either, although I'm sure it's less easy to steer than a regular side-by-side."

"While I love having the individual strollers when we are out together, I find it almost impossible to maneuver when they are clamped together. The 2 strollers, plus the space (3-4 in) between the strollers, makes for a pretty wide load. When the surface is smooth, it's tolerable, but when it gets a little bumpy, it is impossible to push."

"Someone asked why you couldn't just use two pieces of velcro. The answer is that you need something stiff (like plastic, wood, or metal) to connect the two strollers because you need something that can transmit force (push on one and the other one moves also). You also want something that attaches very securely so that the strollers don't move relative to one another (rotate or translate) while you are pushing on one. . . . I think it would be very hard to get the velcro tight enough that doesn't slip and provide too much ‘play.’ "

"I prefer the double stroller. However, if you are in a pinch where you 2 umbrella strollers ... such as travelling on an airplane ... they are not bad." (Owner of 3 clip set.)

"I have a set of three (purchased at USABaby) and love them. I haven't had any problems with pushing, unless the wheels stick, which could happen if they are not together. We just put on some WD-40 and it takes care of it...The only thing I don't like, is that some stores I have trouble maneuvering. For outings to the mall, I still like have my tandem."

"As far as putting them in the car, they can fit in a car put together, as long as your trunk is big enough to fit 2 umbrella strollers side by side. I know they fit in a van and also a Grand Am."

"For travel, the double is too big so, through the airport etc, we took the umbrellas with the latches. The big pain was taking them apart at the gate to check the strollers. The latches either got stuck or fell apart and we lost pieces to them. There may be other types of latches that are better."

"There are actually 3 locks that you put on. I've tried using only one or two and it didn't work well. You have to use all three. If you do they work great!"

"If you use them with small folding strollers - like my JMason skeedaddles ($19.99 at k-mart) they work like a charm. These strollers are small like the umbrellas, but have a solid bar to push instead of two 'umbrella' handles. I am able to collapse them with the clips intact and the whole thing is much easier to handle than my big twin stroller - weighs less and is narrower. I highly recommend the combination."

"I got the connectors from fourdee. There are two. One attaches at the top and one at the bottom. They attach easily with velcro."

(2 clips)"The connectors were really helpful when we travelled by plane to see my family. Since my husband was stuck with all the luggage and car seats. By connecting the two strollers it was easy for me to push both kids through the airport. The advantage was that once luggage was checked and while we were on vacation, we each could push a separate stroller, and the strollers were a lot easier to transport."

(2 clips with velcro)"if you plan to leave them in a hot vehicle, the glue on the velcro tended to melt a bit. I eventually removed the velcro strips from the top of the stroller, because the glue got on my hands. I left the bottom velcro on. The connector still would hold the two strollers together at the top. I still found this to work quite well."

I have been informed that these products are no longer manufactured. I am not sure of the accuracy of this claim.

Use of a Backpack or Front Carrier


"I can put one babe in the backpack, one in a stroller and still have hands for my 4 year old."

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