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Choosing a Stroller for Multiples

Finding the right stroller for your twins, triplets, or higher order multiples isn't an easy decision. There are so many thing to think about: front-to-back, side-by-side, accessories, how much money to spend. It can be overwhelming.

Sometimes it's hard to actually get out and comparison shop. Some models may be hard to find in stores. Often, a mother expecting multiples ends up on bedrest and cannot go out to shop for strollers and test out different models.

Even after the babies arrive, the matter might still not be resolved. Parents may find that the "perfect" stroller they researched and bought doesn't meet their needs like they thought it would. Or, their needs might have changed since their infants were born. That front-to-back stroller that worked great for infants isn't so great for squirming toddlers. Perhaps Mom wants to start taking the kids out on nature walks. Or, Dad wants to start taking the babies for a bike ride and needs a jogging stroller that converts to a bike trailer. Maybe the stroller didn't just hold up as well as they'd hoped it would. Maybe another baby is on the way!

Whatever the situation, there is a good chance that someone else has already "been there, done that" and has volunteered to share their experiences and advice. That's how this FAQ came about. It is a compilation of experiences and advice from seasoned parents of multiples.

The FAQ is divided into the following 5 sections:

General Information
Provides general information on the different types of strollers for multiples, where to find them and things to consider when selecting a stroller
Inline vs. Side-by-Side
Advice from parents of multiples on the frequently asked question of "Which is better: front-to-back (inline) or side-by-side?"
Advice from Parents
Advice from parents of multiples on the following topics:
Internet Resources
Links to several stroller manufacturer websites.
Stroller Evaluations
Praises, complaints and comments parents of multiples have shared about specific stroller models.

Since this FAQ is based on information provided by parents of multiples, if you have any information that you would like to submit for future revisions of this FAQ please e-mail Teresa.

Choosing a StrollerGeneral InformationInline Vs. SBSAdvice from ParentsInternet Resources

Stroller EvaluationsInline StrollersS/B/S StrollersTriple/Quad StrollersJogging Strollers/Bike TrailersAlternative Options

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