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FAQs in Detail

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Organizations and Resources

Multiples Loss/Bereavement Resources

Links to resources (twin/multiple specific as well as general resources) that offer support to parents and family members who have experienced the death of one or all of a mutliple set.

Twin/Multiples Organizations

Organizations & Registries for Multiples; Research & Study Organizations; Information and Support for Twin Related Diseases; Twin festivals and conventions

Twin/Multiples Related Products and Businesses

Products for twin and triplet infants; Twin related businesses on the net (includes businesses that sell novelty gift items), Sites to purchase products/clothing second hand; Sites to purchase coordinated clothing for twins/triplets

Twin sites on the net;

Organizations for Parents of Multiples

Organizations for Parents of Mutlitples both in the US and internationally, and Organizations for Parents of Higher order Multiples

Internet Sites for Parents of Multiples

Websites for parents of twins and supertwins; e-mail lists; message boards; chats
Resources on a variety of aspects of pregnancy

Bedrest Resources

Online Bedrest Resources including: other bedrest sites, pregnancy sites, online shopping, activities, sites for kids

Prematurity Resources

Links to resources that support parents of premature infants, including organizations, online resources and links on where to find preemie clothes and sewing patterns.

Parenting Issues

Parenting Books

Books recommended by parents on twins-L about parenting multiples as well as about general parenting issues.

Maintaining the Marriage

Parents sharing frustrations and advice about maintaining their marriage and the household while raising multiples. Topics covered are: Feeling overwhelmed by it all; Handling all the childcare; Managing the chores & household projects; Working as a team; Communicating effectively; Job vs the home (when one parent stays at home and the other works outside the home)

Maintaining the Home

Advice and suggestions on how to keep up with the housework, laundry (oh, those formula stains!), and meals while raising multiples.

Telling Multiples Apart

Tried and true tips that parents can use to help tell their identical multiples apart, along with reassurance that confusions do sometimes happen, but that, in the end, a parent DOES know.

This site also has links and contact information for companies that do zygosity testing to determine whether multiples are identical for fraternal.

Separating Twins in School

a great deal of discussion on the twins list on whether or not mutliples should be separated when they begin school

Helping Older Siblings of Multiples

Advice and suggestions on helping older children adapt to the arrival of multiple siblings. For parents and expectant-parents of multiples. Preparing singleton(s) for the arrival of multiples; Suggested reading for parents and children; Introducing BIG brother/sister to the new arrivals; Making the transition to BIG brother/sister status; Parental worries and challenges - advice and encouragement; Handling behavioral challenges; When your multiples are in the spotlight.

Theories of Identical Twinning

Discussion among list members about the causes of identical twinning

A series of thoughts on parenting multiples after infertility

A tribute to the children and loved ones of the twins list community.

Preparing for Multiples

Freebies & Discounts

Companies that offer free products, coupons, discounts or catalogs for parents of multiples; companies with special offers for parents of triplets or higher order multiples; Contact info for popular juvenile catalogs (some specific to multiples); phone numbers for many popular companies that manufacture children's products;

Equipment for Multiples

Baby Shower ideas; Tips for preparing food in advance; Gift ideas; Clothing; Cloth & Disposable Diapers; Changing Tables; Cribs/Bassinets & more; Bedding; Bouncy Seats; Swings; Front Carriers & Backpacks; Toys and more;

Some info & links on twin specific equipment: Twin/Triple Bouncy Seat; Twin/Triplet Carriers & Twin Crib

Choosing a Stroller

Types of strollers for multiples; Where to find double/triple strollers; Inline vs. Side by Side (advantages/disadvantages); Advice from parents of multiples (including advice on stroller options for twins & a singleton close in age); Internet resources; evaluations of many strollers: inline, side by sides, jogging strollers/bike trailers, triple & quad strollers; stroller clips;

Multiple Toys

Toys and Twins; Resources

Surviving the Pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy Info

Pregnancy Belts; Maternity Clothes; Sleep Problems; Gestational Diabetes; Contractions; Cerclage; Pregnancy Rash (PUPP);

Bedrest in Multiple Pregnancy

Bedrest Survival Tactics; Feathering the Nest: tips for making your living space more comfortable; Common Bedrest Questions; Helping a Friend on Bedrest; Bedrest Stories; House Arrest Stories; Online Bedrest Resources

Terbutaline Questions

This FAQ describes the benefits, risks and potential side effects of terbutaline's use as a preterm labor drug. It includes study citations, a section on the terbutaline pump and a list of possible questions to discuss with your doctor.

Magnesium Sulfate Questions

This FAQ describes magnesium sulfate's use to treat preterm labor and to prevent seizures in pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. It includes study citations and a list of possible questions to discuss with your doctor.

Twin to Twin Transfusion FAQ

Information on TTTS from twins list survivors; links to other resources

Multiple Childbirth

Birth Stories; Epidurals; C-Sections; Combination Deliveries (under construction: preparing for the birth; breech babies; inducing)

The Early Daze

Coping with Multiple Infants

Support, advice and encouragement to parents of multiples during those crazy first few months of having newborn twin infants in your home. Topics include: The Stress of Multiple Infants; When Will It Get Better?; How Do You Do It?; Getting Help; Keeping Records; Help For A Fussy Baby; Multiple Infants & Crying; Colic; Bonding With Multiple Infants; When Bonding More With One Than the Other;

Multiples on Schedule

Tips on implementing a schedule; when to start a schedule; stopping middle of the night feedings; curbing early risers; nap time behavior; dilly/dallying at meal time; "crying it out," book references

Breastfeeding Multiples

Resources; Breastfeeding twins exclusively; Breastmilk in bottles; Surviving the first few months - Tips from breastfeeding moms; Building your milk supply; Supplementing with formula; Simultaneous feeding; Burping; Alternating sides; Pumping for preemies; Feeding schedules for breastfed babies; Night feedings for breastfed babies; Breast pumps; Nursing pillows; Babies distracted while nursing; When breastfeeding multiple babies takes too much of a toll; Triumphing over problems; Words of encouragement;

Bottlefeeding Multiples

Choosing Formula; Supplies; Positioning; Mixing and Heating Formula; Microwaves; On the Road; Cleaning; Switching to Milk; Unexplained Crying; Formula Foam; Clogged Nipples; Leaking Disposable Bottles; Nighttime Bottles

Toddlers & Older Multiples

Childproofing for Multiples

General Childproofing; Tripletproofing; Fire Safety: getting all the kids out safely; Resources: online guides to childproofing, product safety, and more

Twin Toddler Activities

Outdoor Activities: Affordable Excursions, Backyard Fun; Indoor Activities: Games, activities, arts and crafts, Recipes for crafts; Recommended books; Other websites

Toilet Training Twins

Frequently Asked Questions; Personal Experiences; Books and Videos

Multiple Birthdays

Suggestions for a double birthday party

Speech Delays in Twins

Review of the published literature on this subject; Link to MIT study as well; Parents' stories of children with speech delays; Advice on how to get your child evaluated;

Bilingual Families

This FAQ shares experiences of parents on the twins list who live in a bilingual environment.

Costumes for Twins

Whether it's Halloween, Purim, or just a rainy afternoon, costumes are fun for the whole crew. Twin/multiples themes, family themes, costumes for pregnant moms and more...

Travel with Multiples

Air Travel with Multiples

Arranging the Flight; Special Meals; Commuter Flights; IDs & Passports; Frequent Flier Plans; International Travel with one parent; Seating Issues; Advance Seating; Seats for Infants; Basinets; Gate-checking Car Seats and Strollers; Car Seats on Board; Car Seats for Older Children; Stroller Options; General Packing Suggestions; Food Suggestions; Favorite Travel Toys; Diapers, Formula, and Equipment at Your Destination; Gates & Childproofing; At the Airport: Check-in and General Advice, Dealing With All The Gear; In the Air: Medication, Take off and Landing, Ear Tubes, Keeping the Kiddies Amused, Helping Babies Sleep, Managing Meals, Dealing with Diapers; Disembarking; Jet Lag

Car Travel with Multiples

Car Top Carriers; Road Trips; Car Seat Safety; Booster Seats; Fitting in the Car Seats

Long Distance Moves

Suggestions from some Twins List nomads on making the transition easier

Favorite Vacations

Twinsburg Twins Festival; Disneyland/World; New York City; Ski Trip; Las Vegas; France; Taking along a Sitter; Kid-friendly Hotels

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