Air Travel with Multiples

Our longest trip was when we moved from Salzburg to Australia in January. The twins were then 2 1/2 and their brother 1 year old.... The whole thing took about 24 hours and we were drained, but we are already planning our next overseas trip, so it couldn't have been that bad.

Can It Be Done?? That's usually the first question parents of young twins ask when considering a flight. Our answer? Of course! Seasoned travellers from the twins list offer their advice-- we hope it makes your next trip more enjoyable.

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Arranging the Flight
Timing, Special Meals, Commuter Flights
IDs & Passports, Frequent Flier Plans, International Travel with one parent
Seating Issues
Advance Seating, Seats for Infants, Bassinets

Car Seats and Strollers
Gate-checking Car Seats
and Strollers, Car Seats on Board, Car Seats for Older Children, Stroller Options
General Suggestions, Food Suggestions, Favorite Travel Toys
Diapers, Formula, and
Equipment at Your Destination
Portacribs, Diapers, Formula and Baby Food, Gates & Childproofing, Vans
At the Airport
Check-in, General Suggestions, Dealing With All The Gear, Boarding
In the Air
Medication Take off and Landing, Ear Tubes, Keeping the Kiddies Amused, Helping Babies Sleep, Managing Meals, Dealing with Diapers
At Your Destination
Disembarking, Jet Lag
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