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Do you have a favorite site that helped you while away the hours on bedrest? Please let me know. And don't forget the main resources FAQ. Many thanks to twins list member (and Sidelines email coordinator) Annie Douglas for all her help in compiling this!

Bedrest Sites

Sidelines (Support for Complicated Pregnancies)
Sidelines is an organization offering support to women in complicated pregnancies, and their families. Visit their website to find out more about surviving bedrest. You can also request a volunteer who has had similar complications during pregnancy (either by phone or email). They also have a book store with several selections relating to pregnancy compications.

Candace Hurley, Executive Director and Founder of Sidelines, (714) 497-2265
Tracy Hoogenboom, Administrative Director of Sidelines, (719) 488-0266
Sidelines National Office
P.O. Box 1808
Laguna Beach, CA 92652
(714) 497-2265

Bedrest Chats
Looking for a place to go, but you're stuck in bed? Sidelines sponsors several chats for expectant Moms that are experiencing a high risk pregnancy.
For more details, times, and locations, go to:

Book List and On-line References
A very thorough collection of books, web sites, and other resources for those on bedrest. Also resources for preemies:

Bedrest and the Art of Staying Sane:
Shelley Johnson, bedrest survivor and Sidelines volunteer, has put together this wonderful page for bedresting moms. Please visit this page for great suggestions on surviving bedrest.

The Bedrest Pregnancy Resource page:
A bedrest site by a high risk pregnancy consultant and lactation educator, which includes a list of the top 50 things you can do when you're well and truly bored and some specific pages dealing with what the spouses of a person on bedrest is going through.

Pregnancy Related Sites

The Visible Embryo
Although some of this site requires you to be a paying member, much of it is free. It has a wonderful pictorial of how and embryo grows.

Club Previa
Low placenta got you down? Well, come and cheer up, here at: Club Previa. This is a great support site for moms suffering placenta previa in pregnancy.

(P)PROM stands for (Preterm) Premature Rupture Of Membranes. Ingrid Renfors has a website devoted to the pregnancy complication PROM.

Lamaze Parents Magazine and Lamaze Labor

International Childbirth Education Association

Parent's Place Pregnancy and Birth Center

Pregnancy Today
Pregnancy Today, is a personalized online & print journal for moms-to-be, here to keep pregnant women and the whole family of the baby-on-the-way informed, enlightened & inspired!

Chat with an OB/GYN at Parent's Place
Saturday nights at 10pmET: OB/GYN and Maternal-Fetal Subspecialist Dr. Fred Coleman is on call. Doctors are available to address general information questions about your health or that of your child's and both can be found in iChat in ParentsForum2 located at:

DONA is the acronym for Doulas of North America, an international association of doulas who are trained to provide the highest quality labor support to birthing women and their families. DONA was founded by Marshall Klaus MD, Phyllis Klaus, John Kennell MD, Penny Simkin and Annie Kennedy in 1992. It is a non-profit organization incorporated in Washington state.

Expecting Twins Pregnancy Guide
Answering your twin pregnancy questions. A guide to having a healthy pregnancy, getting pregnant, pregnancy symptoms and answering your questions if expecting twins.


Salon Magazine--Mothers Who Think
......and in the archives of that website this good article: Bed rest sucks. Attitude is everything when your pregnancy puts you in bed.

The ABC's of Parenting
This site is devoted to providing web surfers with reviews and ratings of the absolute best web sites of interest to families and parents-to-be.

American Baby @ Parent Soup
Welcome to Nurtured.Com! Your home on the web for unique parenting styles. We try to support as many "alternative" styles as possible, so if you know of something we have missed, let us know! Some of the communities we support are Attachment Parenting, Extended Breastfeeding, Alternative Medicine, and Home/Unschooling. Take a look around at our message boards, join a chat, find a penpal, or add to our interactive story!

Kids Health
KidsHealth is the mighty Web site devoted to the health of children and teens. Created by the medical experts at The Nemours Foundation, KidsHealth has trainloads of accurate, up-to-date information about growth, food & fitness, childhood infections, immunizations, lab tests, medical and surgical conditions, and the latest treatments. You'll find health games, How The Body Works animations, the KidsVote health poll, and tons of surprises. So get on board and explore...and don't forget to write! Expecting Clubs and Parenting Playgroups

Parent Soup
Besides plenty of practical parenting information, you'll find the very popular Baby Name Finder. Find out what your name, your kids', or your pet's name means. Another fun game is Baby Name Scrambler. Fun for parents, educational for children. Or show your friends how cyber-savvy you've become by sending a Electronic Post Card.

The Pampers Parenting Institute

The Entrepreneurial Parent
....a work-family resource for home-based entrepreneurs. Great resource for those bedresting moms who are still working from their homes.
Another resource for work-at-home moms.

MOPS stands for "mothers of preschoolers." MOPS is a Christian organization that believes mothers are important...mothering matters...and moms need help. If you are the mother of young children, you need encouragement, practical tips for surviving the preschool years, friends, and nurturing! MOPS is where you will find these benefits.

Moms Online
A home for Moms in cyberspace. If you're a Mom looking for good company and lively, intelligent discussion, you've found the place! Moms Online is a virtual community of mothers working collaboratively to create a friendly site for Moms in cyberspace -- we offer information and advice as well as a place to just relax, sip your well-deserved coffee and soak up some moral support and encouragement.


This is a wonderful way for bedresting moms to get their groceries delivered right to their door!

NetGrocer is the first Internet service that offers everyday low-priced groceries delivered direct to your door. NetGrocer offers thousands of name brand items up to 20% less than supermarket prices.

Online grocery shopping and delivery service. Thousands of name brand items--delivered right to your door! NOT available in all the US states however. Mostly available in the midwest --Chicago and central Ohio. You can check to see if it's available by submitting your zip code. or call : 1-800-5PEAPOD

Busy Bee
Online grocery serving parts of California: Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, Carmel Mountain, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo, Sorrento Mesa, La Jolla.

Food From Home
An awesome food delivery company. You can order a week's worth of dinners and it will be delivered right to your door!

CoolSavings is the place for BIG savings from your favorite stores, online merchants, restaurants, and travel companies. Membership and unlimited use of CoolSavings is FREE!

Lands' End
I know that sometimes it's nice to call, just so you can have someone to talk to when you're stuck at home all day. But you can check out the website first, then order by phone. Treat yourself to some new sheets, as long as you're stuck in bed.... They also have great deals through their overstocks.

Easy meals

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
Mimi's Cyber Kitchen is the largest, most comprehensive food site on the world-wide web, with links to thousands of food-related sites of all kinds and organized into 26 categories.

A searchable index of any topic from Grilling to frying.

Crockpot Recipes
good site for Moms on bedrest--these are recipes where husbands/care givers can put everything in the crockpot before they leave in the morning and have dinner ready when they come home!

Reynolds Wrap Cooking
Remember the commercials with Betty & Pat the Reynolds home economists? Well this is their web site. Great **easy clean-up** recipes for families experiencing bedrest or an everyday hectic life. I especially liked the back to school ideas and recipes for cooking on the grill.

Links for Crockpot Cooking
An extensive list of crockpot cooking sites, as well as a collection of mailing lists.

Steph's Country Kitchen Goodness
Several crockpot recipes (including substitution charts for low-fat cooking).
You can start from the home page:
Or go straight to the crockpot section:

Crock Pot Recipes
A large collection of crockpot recipes, with a Southern twist.

Once a month cooking may be a great strategy if your husband and/or other care-givers can devote a day or two a month to stocking up your freezer. Planning meals will give you a way to participate, too! And don't forget, once the babies arrive, you'll be greatful for having such a great time-saver at your disposal!

Frugal File: Cook Ahead Resource Center
Some tips to get you started, and a collection of links to recipes, web sites, and mailing lists.

Frozen Assets
A resource for preparing food in advance. It includes tips on what freezes well, a mailing list, and a whole lot more....

Once a Month Cooking
A sister site to Frozen Assets, with still more information on OAMC.

Beth's Once a Month Cooking Pages
"How many of us have too many things to do in 24 hours?  Wouldn't it be nice if cooking meals could be as simple as pulling your dinner for the night out of the freezer in the morning to defrost and simply heating it when you get home from work, school or wherever?  Well, it can be done!! :) "

Fun Links

Just browsing? Here are some places to get you started:
This is a site that is mainly a list of other sites, plus links to search engines, but it's arranged in a really easy-to-use format.

This is a fun place to just browse. You can either search by topic or wander through a "neighborhood." Enchanted Forest is for kids, if you have children at home.

Looking for a new project? You can get a free home page (and plenty of advice on setting it up, if you need help getting started).

Mining Company
This site has "guides" to help you find information on a wide variety of topics. Start from the top and find pretty much anything....

Here are some other fun sites:

Movie Critic
You rate movies you've seen and LIKE MINDS recommend movies you'll like (it's FREE!) This is a great site for bedresting moms who are looking to find some other movies to rent to help pass the time.

Internet Movie Database
another great movie site:

"GIST is the leading, independent TV entertainment guide on the Internet, giving thousands of users the GIST of whatís on TV and the Internet every day."

It's kinda like your own personal TV guide! Really cool and you can tailor it to your own cable listings and get soap opera updates ;-) Click on "subscribe" to get your own personal free TV guide set-up.

Jelly Belly
(the kind you eat!). FUN! You can request a free sample too!

Kaleidoscope - Flower Power fun & really cool!

"You'll need a Pentium or Power Mac for best results with the Kaleidoscope, though it has been tested with both 486 / Windows and non-Power Mac Macintoshes. Recommended web browsers are Netscape Navigator 3 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3..... Make sure you have a Java-capable browser and that you have Java enabled. "

Mr Showbiz
Fun-packed showbiz site with celebrity interviews, games and movie reviews. Superbly designed, this website just keeps on getting better.

Hallmark Date Reminders
This service sends an e-mail to remind you (or your husband) of certain dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. (Designed especially for those of us that suffer from placenta brain! LOL!)

Sites for Kids

American Library Association
A fantastic, extensive collection of kid-friendly links. Followed by links for parents.

Blues Clues
a page dedicated to the Nickelodeon show Blues Clues. Good for those preschoolers/toddlers who are at home. It has coloring book pages to print and sounds too!

Besides program listings and information for you, you'll find information and activities for your kids, based on their favorite shows (I'm partial to the Kratts' Creatures page, myself!).

University of Wisconsin Dept. of Pediatrics Kids Page
A TERRIFIC web site that has dozens of links to safe, kid friendly sites! Includes links for preschoolers, elementary age kids and parents. It also has a list of Space web sites.
Truly a super site for kids!! Over 1000 activities!

The Internet Zoo
Here is an award-winning site that your whole family can share. If you need information on an animal, or just want to find out what the right pet for you might be, drop in on this beautiful site! The information is put together by veterinarians.

Dr. Seuss's playground in cyberspace. You can play games, chat with the Cat in the Hat, win prizes, find out about new Dr. Seuss books and CD-ROMs, and much, much more!

Gryphon House Early Childhood Teacher and Parent Resources
Gryphon House is the publisher of many early childhood books of all sorts and many of these are *online*. There are LOTS of activities and great ideas for learning and play for toddlers and preschoolers here.


Wallace & Gromit's Web Page

Beanie Babies!

The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages
Another collection of sites for kids.

Resources for Loss and Bereavement


AZ SIDS Alliance homepage

Compassionate Friends

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