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Welcome to the Twins & Supertwins List!

About the List: The twins and supertwins list has been around for many years, having made its way across the country from MIT to Hewlett-Packard, and now to USC. We have members from all over the world and from all walks of life, brought together by one common bond: multiples.

As is the case with most mailing lists, this list has developed its own style, culture, and personality. Before posting, we suggest that you "lurk" for awhile. (It also helps to be familiar with the posting guidelines and the twins list netiquette.) If you find this to be the group you're looking for, then jump in and introduce yourself.

This list is intended for discussion of all aspects of twins and supertwins (triplets, quadruplets,...). Though a lot of the day to-day discussion revolves around survival strategies and equipment purchases for new parents of twins and more, discussion of other topics is very welcome.* If there is a topic pertaining to multiples that you would like to discuss here, please feel free to start a thread if there is not one currently going on. In particular, this list is also intended for adult twins and supertwins to discuss issues about being a multiple -- there are other adult twins and triplets on the list, they just don't pipe in all that often. Feel free to introduce yourself and start a discussion of topics of interest to you. (The new parents really appreciate being able to see things from the perspective of those of you who survived your childhoods as multiples relatively intact!)

* If you are a researcher looking for subjects, please submit your request through the administration list: twins-L-request@listproc.usc.edu.

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Many members of this list have contributed to the Parents of Twins/Multiples Frequently Asked Questions page. To access the site, go to
You'll find advice on a wide range of issues: strollers, pregnancy, scheduling, activities, feeding, travel, and more.


This list is meant for informal discussions. It may not be used for commercial purposes nor should it be used as a replacement for your doctor. The list administrators do not assume any responsibility for message content nor does the University of Southern California.

While the list administrators will need to be pushed to extreme limits before doing so, they reserve the right to deny access to the list to abusive users.

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