Changing Your Subscription

This list uses the ListProc list management system which provides many user-controlled functions. Some of the most commonly used features include subscribing, unsubscribing, changing to non-digest form, querying the archive, and seeking help.

To carry out any of the actions below,

  1. Find the command you need from the chart below.
  2. Address a message to:
    Note: it will not work if you send the message directly to the twins list!
  3. Leave the Subject Line blank.
  4. Put the command in the body of the message.
Soon after you send the message, you will receive a confirmation message.
Action: Command: Purpose:
subscribe subscribe twins-L Your Name This will subscribe you to the list. Make sure you substitute your own name for "Your Name"! You will begin receiving messages as soon as the next digest goes out.
unsubscribe signoff twins-L This will remove you from the list. Again, you should receive a confirmation message. If you don't get one, make sure that you sent the unsubscribe message to the correct address.
Switch to individual messages set twins-L mail ack Use this command if you prefer receiving individual messages instead of digests. Please note that if you change the setting from Digest to Individual, you will get a partial digest; these are all the messages between the last digest you received and the time when you made the change. This is to prevent you from missing any of the list email.
Switch to no-MIME set twins-L mail digest-nomime If the digest is not displaying properly, it may be caused by MIME-formatted messages. The no-MIME format should enable you to read the digest. If you are still having trouble, read the email help FAQ.
Vacation Mode set twins-L mail postpone If you'll be going on vacation and would like to temporarily stop receiving messages from the Twins List, use the postpone command.
Back from vacation Use the command for the setting you were on before:
set twins-L mail digest
set twins-L mail digest-nomime
or set twins-L mail ack
Delivery will pick up from the time you reactivate.
View the archive index twins-L This will give you the twins list archive. For more information on retrieving a missed digest, click here for detailed instructions.
Check your subscription status set twins-L This command is helpful if you seem to be missing messages or digests. The return email will show if you are still subscribed, and if so, in what format.
ListProc help help This will give you a list of other available ListProc functions.
If you need more information on the capabilities of ListProc, documentation and help for using the software are available at:
Please take a look at this material when you have questions about user-oriented features and capabilities.


If you are having trouble reading the digest, you may need to switch to the no-MIME version. See the chart above for instructions. AOL users in particular might experience difficulty downloading digests-- see the technical problems/email help FAQ for help with that.

This list is administered via Please send email there if you encounter any problems not addressed in this document.

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