Posting to the List

Once you are subscribed, you can post to the list by sending email to

While we have several guidelines which make our list run more smoothly, we have just one rule for submissions:

Messages must be in plain text.
A filter will stop messages in styled text (HTML, Rich Text Format, or other MIME encoded files) from being sent to the list. Most of the list members will not be able to view any special formatting you add; in fact, your message may come out completely unreadable in most email readers. If you're not sure how to switch your mail format to plain text, please check this site:
Another good reference site is

The following are guidelines only:


This list is meant for informal discussions. It may not be used for commercial purposes nor should it be used as a replacement for your doctor. The list administrators do not assume any responsibility for message content nor does the University of Southern California.

While the list administrators will need to be pushed to extreme limits before doing so, they reserve the right to deny access to the list to abusive users.

This list is administered via Please send email there if you encounter any problems not addressed in this document.

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